Review of: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

Title: Survivor
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Editorial: Anchor Books
Genre: Fiction
Country of origin: United States
Pages: 289
Days to finish it: 6
Books read of the author: 14
Year of publication: 1999
Personal score: 5/5

Preview: I´m alive, I´m a motherfucking survivor

Everyone is a survivor from something or someone, everyone of us has been passed for something traumatic, maybe not all of us for something so serious for thinking in death or suicide, but when we go through something traumatic, we are real survivors. Most of the people is hiding something truly deep, and they are the ones we must watch out. 

How did I get it?

I found this one in one coffee shop, I was watching all the book, none of them really convinced me, until the last line, when I read “Survivor”.

A little bit of the author…

When you read more than 10 books of any author you can almost say that you know him, you are used to his manias, his habits and his manners, is something completely normal, but when you read more than 10 books, you know you really know it. You are in his brain, and that´s exactly how I feel with Mr. Palahniuk.


The airplane is crashing down, you are left 4 engines left to explode, your time is coming. But you are the survivor of one religious cult, so you decide to tell your history to the black box and tell for everything you went through. This is your history Tender Branston, and you are the last survivor.

Through the picture of the survivor of one of the most iconic religious cults in USA, we will know the implications of the marketing in the religion.


Just after finish read “Invisible monsters Remix” I was thinking in Survivor, I´ve never seen this title in Mexico, I´m sure there is a version in Spanish, but I guess is only available in South America. This is almost the last novel of Palahniuk that is left for reading all of him.

This book probable will be the best of the year, is simply Palahniuk at his best. I mean, we have dozens of violence, suicide lines, blasphemy, fake religions, marketing in every little decision we take. We have here all those American topics we love to criticism, but we don’t want it in home. 

The perfect picture of the American satire in the 90´s, couldn´t exist something more transgressor than this? I really disagree. I enjoyed a lot, because is simple, with one idea you can deconstruct (or construct) an entire society, with all the implications.

I really don’t have a good explanation of the reasons why I loved it so much but are all so many quotes questioning the American way of live. Why the Jesus Christ of the cross should have abs? Why everything is related to religion? Why Jesus Christ is so damn white? The little blasphemer in me is laughing in hell.

Are you ready for be the last survivor?



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