Review of Requiem for a dream by Hubert Selby Jr

Title: Requiem for a dream
Author: Hubert Selby Jr.
Genre: Fiction
Country of origin: United States
Pages: 278
Days to finish it: 10
Books read of the author: 2
Year of publication: 1978
Personal score: 5/5

Preview: You are my heroine

I remember tons of images of the movie Requiem for a dream, the couple in the bed high as fuck, an infected arm, heroine kisses, and girls fucking in a party. I was a teenager but the images are still in my mind. This kind of movies/books have as a purpose create a sort of conscience in the youth, but in some cases, this conscience is misdirected and get lost, so the real purpose of this influence is spread wrong ideas about the drugs, the sexuality and the life. And those ideas are scary. But in some minds the idea its changed as an ideal, an should be achieved at any cost, for try to get a heroin-e. 

How did I get it?

This was my gift from Dia de reyes.

A little bit of the author…

The author also made the screenplay for the movie of this book, this is why the movie is so wonderful. This book is one of his most notorious works.


Harry and Tyrone are junkies.

Sara is obsessed for appears in TV.

Marion is in love with dope.

How the life of these characters is related? Four of them will be searching their dreams, but they’ll find only requiems.


Actually idk why an overwhelming need took hold of me, for read this book. More than ten years had passed since the last time ive seen the movie, but in this book ive decided try something new, read the book and watch the movie at the same time, and the experience was delightful. You get the images and comprehend the feelings, is something I recommend to anybody.

This book was a little bit harder, because I read and watch, I felt it took me too long, but I really enjoyed all the time, I devour the last part of the book in one night. All the scenes are quite up fucked, and you get mad and angry in the most of the times.

The characters make the book itself. They´re awesome and all the relationships between them is astonishing, they could be very stupid or very irrational, I just can’t hold them. Was a very good book, very emotional, very sad and super depressive, but after all it has a lection of life: don’t be a fucking junkie.

Still searching for the dream, im sick of the requiems.



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